Original Thumb Pick / Bearclaw Thumb Pick
Red Bear 'Bearclaw' thumb picks

Simply click this link to order. The prices are $25 for the Original and $20 for the Bearclaw. Shipping will be added automatically by the shopping cart software when you choose the method you prefer.

We would like to express our gratitude to David Guptill of Guptill Music for allowing us to utilize his Propik frames. And a special thanks to my friend Doug Jones aka "Little Brother" for his efforts in helping to design this pick.

Note from the editor:
I use this pick on my Telecasters and let me tell you - it is so much fun and sounds so incredible that I can't even begin to describe how great a combination it is - your favorite T-style guitar and this thumb pick are meant for one another! It does a sweet job on my D-18 also! I find myself flatpicking fiddle tunes with it - give it a try - it works!

If you've never used a ProPik I urge you to go to your local big-box music store and get one to try out. They are only a few dollars. If they work for you, then ours probably will too. The ProPik is an extremely comfortable thumb pick. It does not irritate the cuticle of your thumb like most other thumb picks do. And they can be fitted perfectly to your thumb because they are made form nickel-silver which is very malleable. Your guitar's frets might also be made of this same alloy. If you don't like the ProPik you won't like ours because they are built on the ProPik frames. One of our so-called "competitors" must really like it because he stole our idea, infringed on the ProPik patent, and now copies this pick as his own.

We have Large and Medium thumb picks available. We also have a few left-handed ones in large and medium.

What Size Am I?
Look at the thumb pick you are using now and see what size it is. The Propik bands fit the same, and are adjustable.

About the Bevel
I bevel each thumb pick in a rather generic manner. As you begin to use the pick, you may experience some wear patterns on the pick which do not follow the countour of the bevel that I put on. In such instances, I recommend using one of our maintenance kits, or similar items you can find anywhere that nail polish is sold, to fine-tune the bevel to a nicely polished state. Once your thumb pick wears into your own picking pattern, you'll be all set. In most cases, the bevels are fine from the start.

Adjusting the Band
To adjust the fit of the thumbpick band DO NOT use the blade for leverage. Grasp the band itself and form it to your thumb.


RED BEAR in all its representations is a Registered Trademark of Red Bear Trading Co., Ltd. and may never be used by anyone else without written permission.