In order to help our customers get the style of pick in the gauge they want Red Bear offers a "Pickers Choice" in the Online Store from time to time.

The "Pickers Choice" is basically open ordering with a set quantity so that the turnaround can be managed in a timely manner.

Each "Pickers Choice" sale offers a different gauge in our Traditional Turtle Shell and another select color. YOU "pick" the style, grip and bevel options YOU want.

You can order flat picks from Red Bear's entire collection in the gauge and colors offered. They do not have to be the same style or have the same options.

The Heavy and Extra Heavy gauges are offered more often than the Light and Medium gauge "Pickers Choice" sales. The only gauge not offered in the "Pickers Choice" sales is the Gypsy Jazz gauge. Please contact us directly to place an order for any style in the Gypsy Jazz gauge.

Announcements about upcoming "Pickers Choice" sales are located on Red Bear's Home page at least a week in advance.

Thank you for your loyal support!