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The World Renowned, Critically Acclaimed Red Bear Trading Company Flat Picks!



Red Bear's Original Flat Picks come in five gauges and run in ranges as the material is sanded by hand. We attempt to end up in the mid-point of the range for a given gauge when we sand the material. For this reason, we cannot provide exact thicknesses, so please don't ask us to try. It is nearly impossible to do. Our intended goals for the ranges are as follows:

Light 0.9 - 1.10mm, Medium 1.11-1.30mm or thereabouts, Heavy 1.30 - 1.65mm, Extra Heavy 1.65 to 2mm or so and Gypsy Jazzer 2.5 mm to 4mm or so. All these gauge specs are approximate. The picks may be plus or minus a few tenths of a millimeter. We try to make them somewhere in the middle of the ranges listed. Light gauge picks are not made with grips.

Tone is dependent on the gauge - the lighter the brighter. Thicker picks provide thicker, warmer tone.

GRIPS: We do not make light gauge picks with grips. We feel that the holes weaken the pick in the thin gauge. We are "on the fence" so to speak when it comes to putting grips in medium gauge. The heavier gauges are fine with the grips.

All picks are beveled by hand with a Standard or Speed Bevel (or a combination of both depending on the style).

Our Standard Bevel is a nice even edge all the way around the pick and will turn out most similar to the picks in the graphic at the top of this page. We ship picks with either a rounded edge or a sharply beveled edge depending on the style. If you prefer a rounded edge to a pick that we make with a sharp bevel, it's easy to modify. Note: A thicker pick with a sharper bevel will result in a brighter tone and more pick control and will allow more speed than a thin pick. This bevel is perfect for players who change up the angle of their wrist as they strum chords or pick out notes. If you have any doubts as to which bevel you should use, this is the one.

Our Speed Bevel is designed to simulate a wear pattern that many players experience on their favorite picks. Since the material we use isn't going to wear very fast naturally, it has to be given this bevel by hand. In many cases, once a pick acquires this wear pattern two things happen. First, the player gains a little speed because the wear pattern fits the up and down strokes of the player's style. Secondly, in many cases, the pick then breaks or wears through and has to be replaced or re-shaped with steel wool or sandpaper, thus losing real-estate (becoming smaller). Our picks, when given the treatment, will give you faster picking speeds without wearing through. The best of both worlds! It is important to note that if you choose either a right or left-hand bevel, then the angle with which you attack the strings will more or less be "fixed" because if you're using one of these bevels and you alter the angle of your wrist, or alter your grip on the pick, you will be using the wrong edge of the bevel and this results in a very thin tone which is not very musical. So if you are absolutely sure of the grip and angle you use to attack the strings, then one of the speed bevels (left or right) is for you.

Left Handed Speed Bevels are used by players who may be left handed or hold their picks differently. Two ways to find out which bevel suits you best are:

First, take a look at a pick you've been using for a long time and see which side has developed more of an "ear". If it is on the left side, a left-handed Speed Bevel is best and if it is on the right side of the pick a right-handed Speed Bevel is what you need. However, if there is an even wear on both sides, stick with a Standard Bevel.

Second, on the down stroke, notice which edge of your pick hits the strings first. If it is the edge toward the headstock, then you need a right-handed bevel. If it's the edge toward the bridge, then you need a left-handed bevel. If the pick hits flat on the string then you want a Standard Bevel, which some refer to as "no bevel".

Our line of Tri-Tips have 3 distinct tips. The top two shoulders have standard bevels and Red Bear now offers the option to have a speed bevel or a standard bevel on the bottom tip.

Red Bear Original Flat Picks are almost identical to real turtle shell and should be cared for in the same way.

Do NOT Bend or Flex your pick. The picks can get flexed or even broken by carrying them in your pants pocket or wallet.

Do NOT store your pick in-between your guitar strings especially the light and medium gauges.

Do NOT let your pick go through the washer and/or dryer.

Do NOT use with Stainless Steel Wound Strings.

Keep your pick clean and dry when not in use.

The material is hygroscopic (absorbs water) and can absorb moisture while playing. Overtime, this can result in the pick losing its balance of moisture and will develop a “checked” or “crazing” pattern.

Red Bear's Pick Tonic helps to keep that balance of moisture in check. It is an organic oil product with a nice cedar aroma and will help preserve the pick.

Other factors such as gauge, grips and playing style can affect the longevity of your pick. For example, using a technique such as scraping down the strings will chew up the pick.

Red Bear’s Pick Maintenance Kits are specifically designed to keep your Red Bear Original pick's bevels in top shape.

If you play for very long periods, flip the pick over from time to time to keep it flat. As with real turtle shell, this material can become dynamic and mold to your fingers from the heat. (Some people desire this which is just fine too.) This is much more apt to happen with light and medium gauges.

Red Bear’s “Tuff-Tones” require absolutely no special care!


Shown here in our Clown Barf color

GUTHRIE GOVAN’S signature model is Red Bear Trading’s Big Jazzer in the Extra Heavy Gauge with grips and a speed bevel. It also includes Guthrie's Signature and his special feature. This feature is a serrated edge along the top of the pick, much like a U.S. dime. The cost is 35.00. This is a VERY popular model and does sell out quickly. Click here to check the current status of the Guthrie Govan signature model in the Online Store.

A Note From Guthrie w/video

Thank you so much for your support!

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