Style "TWO-TIP"

Style "TWO-TIP"
The Two-Tip is a tribute to Bob Clifton's Tu-Way pick which "was the pick of the professionals" in the 1940s. Red Bear offered this nostalgic style a few years ago and have brought it back by popular demand.

The Two-Tip is approximately 1.05" wide by 1.48" tall and is currently offered in our Medium Gauge with NO Grips. Red Bear's version has a Standard Bevel on the top tip and a Speed Bevel on the bottom tip.

Choose the "Left-Handed" Speed Bevel option if required, otherwise the bottom tip will have a "Right-Handed" Speed Bevel.


Please allow approximately 3 to 5 business days for your pick (s) to be beveled before shipping.
Our Price: USD 27.00
Red Bear Loyalty Points: 10 Worth USD 0.50
Bevel Option

Left-Hand Bevel

Check this box if you prefer a Left-Hand Bevel on the bottom tip of your Two-Tip. Otherwise it will have a Right-Hand Bevel


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