Style "T II"

Style "T II"
Style "T II"
Style "T II"
Style "T II"
Style "T II"
Style "T II"
Style "T II"
The "T II" is a smaller version of the " Tri-Tip" at approximately 1.18" wide by 1.16" tall.

The Tri-Tip flat pick was designed by Red Bear Trading in 2004 so players who played both Mandolin and Guitar could use the same flat pick. It is now a very popular shape among lots of players.

Our line of Tri-Tips have 3 distinct tips. The top two shoulders have standard bevels and Red Bear now offers the option to have a speed bevel or a standard bevel on the bottom tip.

Select from the available Pick Options and choose the bevel for the bottom tip.


Please allow approximately 5 business days for your pick (s) to be beveled and shipped.
Our Price: USD 27.00
Red Bear Loyalty Points: 10 Worth USD 0.50
Pick Options

Available Options*

Bevel Options*

Select the bevel option for the bottom tip. See our Flatpicks Page for more information on the bevels.


Reviews and Ratings

"T II"

By: Mtncat on 02/01/2021 04:12:28 PM

The "T II" has become my favorite pick. Each of the three tips is unique and musical. I currently have an Extra Heavy Gauge in Brown Agate. It won't be the last "T II" I purchase. I should also mention that it's a work of art. Absolutely beautiful.

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