Pick Maintenance Kit

Pick Maintenance Kit
You can use the files in this kit to perform general maintenance on your pick and to re-shape or shorten a thumb pick blade.

The bevels on Red Bear's Flat Picks are highly polished. To maintain that high gloss use the green/white buffer starting with the green side and finishing with the white side. It's best to use a back and forth motion when using the buffer. If you a prefer a satin edge, only use the green side.

The black side of the abrasive file can be used to shorten or re-shape your thumb pick blade and/or perform general maintenance on your pick.
(Most players will never need to use this file for their flat pick.)

When using the black/white abrasive files always file in one direction away from you, not back and forth. This will give you more control and don't use a lot of pressure, go lightly. Then take the white side and do the same thing to get out the coarser file marks.

Finish up with the green/white buffer and your bevel will be in top shape!

Note: Stainless Steel Wound Strings and techniques like "scraping down guitar strings" can damage your bevel.
Our Price: USD 2.50

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