Red Bear "Bear Claw" Thumb Pick

Red Bear "Bear Claw" Thumb Pick
The blade on the Red Bear "Bear Claw" is made from the same material as our "Tuff Tone" material which is a buff color and extends approximately 14.6mm from the edge of the band to the tip of the blade.

The blades come in our Medium and Extra Heavy gauges with the Medium gauges offering a brighter sounding Thumb Pick.

The band sizes are offered in Medium and Large and are now available in nickel-silver or brass.

Please allow 3 to 4 business days to make and ship your Thumb Pick.
Our Price: USD 22.00
Red Bear Loyalty Points: 5 Worth USD 0.25
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Thumb Pick Band Size / Material*


Gauge of Thumb Pick Blade*

Choose either Medium or Extra Heavy gauge.

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