Red Bear Pick Tonic

Red Bear Pick Tonic
Red Bear Pick Tonic is organic oil product with a nice cedar aroma and designed to help keep your "Original" Red Bear Pick in top condition.

The material is hygroscopic (absorbs water) so among other factors, the longevity of your pick depends on how much moisture it absorbs while playing. The Pick Tonic will help seal in that balance of moisture and help alleviate the "check cracking" that can occur over time and help preserve the pick.

It does not add flexibility or remove scratches.

Use the Pick Tonic every week or two and more often if your fingers give off a little more perspiration.

Just place a very small drop between your thumb and forefinger and rub it into the pick until the cedar aroma goes away. Wipe the pick dry and it is ready for use.

Our Price: USD 5.00

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