Guthrie Govan Signature Model

Guthrie Govan Signature Model
Guthrie Govan Signature Model
Guthrie Govan Signature Model
Guthrie Govan Signature Model
is Red Bear Trading’s Big Jazzer in the Extra Heavy Gauge with grips and a speed bevel. It also includes Guthrie's Signature and his special feature. This feature is a serrated edge along the top of the pick, much like a U.S. dime. Guthrie describes the use of the serrated edge here.

Red Bear offers the Guthrie Govan model in the Online Store approximately once a month. The last sale was on June 4, 2019.


Our Price: $35.00
Red Bear Loyalty Points: 10 Worth $0.50
Stock Info: Out Of Stock

Reviews and Ratings


By: Mikey on 09/14/2018 04:19:27 AM

Blown away by the difference this pick made to my tone.

GG Pick

By: Gilles on 05/17/2018 05:49:22 PM

Just one word : fantastic, more than i expected when ordering. Very easy to get from France, with great customer service support.

Guthrie Govan Pick

By: lormand on 01/10/2018 03:56:34 PM

I have two of these picks because I fear losing one.

Guthrie Govan Pick

By: JSanta on 08/22/2017 12:27:04 PM

I have used a lot of picks since I started playing, having recently settled on a Jazz III variant. I decided to take the plunge on one of these and I am incredibly happy I did. These are wonderfully made, don't move around at all in your fingers regardless of how fast you play without needing a death grip on the pick. The tone is warmer, and rounder than the Jazz IIIs, which is exactly what I was looking for. I won't hesitate to buy several more, they are well worth it. Customer service was great too.

Guthrie Govan Pick

By: Nathan on 01/13/2017 10:08:11 PM

These are fantastic! I find myself using this pick everyday. The tone it provides is brilliant and it glides effortlessly through the strings.

Guthrie Govan Signature Big Jazzer

By: Doug on 09/10/2014 05:20:11 PM

A wonderful pick. It feels smooth against the strings, and it provides excellent tone. I haven't seen any wear after extensive performing. 5 stars without question!

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