Style "C II"

Style "C II"
Style "C II"
Style "C II"
Style "C II"
Style "C II"
Style "C II"
Style "C II"
Style "C II"
Style "C II"
TThe "C II" Style is a smaller version of the "C" at approximately 1.15" wide by 1.13" tall and the style Jimmy Herring uses.

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Our Price: USD 27.00
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Reviews and Ratings


By: Kendal on 05/22/2021 04:59:48 PM

This is THE best guitar pick I've ever used. Period. I've tried hundreds of different picks from every brand you can imagine, and I still keep coming back to the CII. I personally like the medium but the heavy is also great. Zero complaints.

Cii H

By: Braeden on 03/03/2021 12:58:17 PM

These picks are works of art. great attack, fantastic feel. have been playing Blue Chip for quite some time, and im preferring these overall! Pricepoint is spot on for the quality. and customer service from Red Bear has been second to none!

Favorite Pick!!

By: Keebler on 05/06/2016 08:29:19 PM

Been Playing the C-II XH with GRIP and SB for about 3 years now. I switched from the C when they came out with the C-II, I like the smaller size a bit better.

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