The "BIG JAZZER" Style is one of Red Bear Trading's most popular Flat Picks. It is approximately 1" wide by 1.14" tall.

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Please allow approximately 3 to 5 business days for your pick (s) to be beveled before shipping.
Our Price: USD 27.00
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Our picks can be beveled in several ways. Choose the bevel that you are most comfortable with. See our Flatpicks Page for more information on the bevels.


Reviews and Ratings

Big jazzer

By: Mel on 09/01/2023 12:45:11 AM

I love this pick. Glides over the strings and is pretty! Will definitely be ordering more in the future and would recommend to anyone in the market for higher quality picks!

Like a Samurai

By: Kurage on 05/02/2022 06:16:10 AM

First, when I pick strings, it is smoothly moves on strings but vividly sounds. As feel like Katana, this pick is picking strings. BIG JAZZER makes you definitely guitar Samurai.

Big Jazzer

By: Tony V on 11/09/2021 09:54:29 AM

I have picked up a few of these lately in both the extra heavy and gypsy jazz gauges. I have exclusively used the right hand bevel option with grips. The picks feel amazing in hand in either size, I feel like there is less treble that comes through in the gypsy jazz gauge which provides for a pretty cool effect of essential being able to control the tonal output acoustically.

Great pick!

By: Mabelhund2013 on 06/04/2021 03:38:05 AM

My brother got me this pick as a gift when I started taking jazz guitar lessons (what a good brother, right?) And I love it! It's been about a year now and it has just a little superficial cracking on the upper side (just aesthetic, looks like when an old painting gets little cracks or something) It sounds great, it gives a nice warm tone and makes the notes of a chord meld together beautifully for a full sound. It's also really comfortable for playing melodies etc., feels like an extension of my arm and I can play quickly easily and with control. He got me the Gypsy jazz thickness, which when I got it, I was concerned that it might be too thick...but after a couple days of playing I realized it was perfect. I can't sing it's praises enough. Also, as a random aside, it smelled kind of funny when I got it, but after a couple days it went away :)

Best ever!

By: Jason on 08/19/2018 06:33:34 PM

This could be the most perfect plectrum ever made in the entire universe. I have tried probably 1000 different picks over my almost 40 years of playing with some being great but still nothing compared to the Redbear Big Jazzer. They are expensive but worth it in my opinion. Just keep an eye on your supply as I have had several “walk away” over the years and now I actually have to lock them up lol.

Sentimental Favorite - Big Jazzer XH

By: lormand on 02/02/2018 05:54:24 PM

I lost this pick, (Big Jazzer) same color, same gauge, twice and found it. Once in gigs Louisiana and once in Denver. Sadly, I left it on my amp at a recent gig and it sprouted legs and walked off. I love these picks, and I can't play on anything else now. The tone, stiffness, grip that you get by using it becomes an extension of your hand and frees your mind while giving you lots of confidence in your playing. Even better is the product support at Red Bear....the best!

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