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Before placing an order, please make sure you are “picking” the right Style, Gauge and Bevel to suit your needs.

Red Bear DOES NOT take RETURNS or offer EXCHANGES.

Information regarding Dimensions, Gauges, Bevels, Grips and Pick Care can be found on our FLAT PICKS page.

Due to the labor involved in making red bear picks and to stay within our turnaround times we do have purchase limits. Limits are posted in each style / category with a maximum OF 5 FLAT PICKS ON ORDER (In Progress) .


PLEASE check HERE to see if Red Bear ships to your country including the UNITED KINGDOM.

Thank you for choosing Red Bear Trading Co!

Original Flatpicks

Tuff-Tone Flatpicks

Thumb Picks

Immediate Sales & Seconds

Gift Certificates & Accessories


Orders are shipped via the U.S. Postal Service with the following services:

First Class Parcel Delivery with Tracking - 4.50

Priority Class Delivery with Tracking - 8.50


BEFORE placing an order PLEASE check HERE to see if Red Bear ships to your country including important information on shipping to THE UNITED KINGDOM and VAT taxes.

IMPORTANT: VAT, duties, and fees will not be paid during the checkout process. They will be collected upon delivery.

If an order is placed shipping to a country where we do not ship, it will be cancelled and refunded less transaction fees

First Class Package International: - 14.00

First Class overseas shipping can take from 1 to 4 weeks for delivery.

International Priority Class: - 40.00


First Class Package International: 12.00 USD

International Priority Class: 30.00 USD

IMPORTANT: Red Bear does not collect and remit taxes, duties and fees. They will be collected upon delivery. For more information on these charges click HERE.

If you find a mistake has been made with your order, PLEASE contact us right away. We WILL correct the mistake.

For example, a mistake would be if grips were ordered and the pick received had no grips. Or if a Medium Gauge was ordered and the pick received has an “H” on it which indicates a Heavy Gauge. If a pick feels too stiff, too heavy or “the bevel is not working for me”, these are not mistakes.

All of our picks are beveled the same way by the same person for the last 20 years. Our picks do not flex and they do run heavier than most other pick makers. If you are not sure what type of bevel to get, stick with a STANDARD bevel. It will never let you down.

A lot of labor goes in to making RED BEAR picks and each pick is beveled to order. We do not resell used picks and are unable to make picks for players to try out and return even if they “have never even been taken out of the bag” or simply do not like the pick as ordered.

Red Bear Trading is NOT able to make EXCHANGES or issue REFUNDS once an ORDER has been SHIPPED and does NOT accept unauthorized returns.


Transaction fees are a major cost of business. A lot of companies pass this charge on to their customers. Red Bear does not pass this fee to our customers unless the transaction is refunded due to an order cancellation.

If you need to cancel an order while the order is still in progress, please contact us and a refund will be issued less transaction fees.

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