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July 26, 2014, 9:45PM Mountain Time

Please use our new and improved online store, which is located here: https://www.redbeartrading.com/ccp8

Thank you for your loyal support!

You MUST have an account with us to place an order.

To set up your account, please click the link on the menu at the top right-hand part of this page.

After your order is placed, changes cannot be made.

Additions to existing orders cannot be made.

Orders cannot be combined.

We are currently not offering custom engraving, nor are we offering custom shapes or custom beveling. All Bevels are standard, left or right handed speed bevels.

The prices are for EACH pick according to gauge on any style of pick. For more information on gauges, please go to our Flat Picks page.

Light and Medium gauge $ 27

Heavy gauge $ 28

Extra-Heavy gauge $ 30

Gypsy Jazz gauge $ 35

All orders are shipped via the U.S. Postal Service.

We charge 3.50 for First Class delivery on Domestic orders. International orders are 6.75.

First Class deliveries on domestic orders DO have a tracking number.

First Class deliveries on International orders DO NOT have a tracking number. Customs Form numbers are given but are NOT tracking numbers. We cannot be responsible for lost deliveries of International orders unless a method of shipping with tracking is selected.

Priority, International Priority and Priority Mail Express International are available.

Make sure you have the CORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESS on your account BEFORE you place your order. After you place your order, it is very troublesome for us to change your shipping address for you. YOU do it BEFORE you place your order, please.

Using a mobile device to purchase from our shopping cart sometimes results in an error message that would lead you to believe that your transaction failed. It probably hasn't! If you are such a customer, please check your Paypal account BEFORE you try and place a second order. You will only duplicate your order. To reverse the charges and cancel the duplicate order is time consuming and troublesome. So please, if you use a mobile device to place your order and you receive an error - please check your Paypal account first. Thank you!

Red Bear Trading has no authorized dealers. If you purchase a Red Bear pick anyplace else such as eBay, it is a used pick. We have seen picks that are 12 years old being sold as new or barely used at inflated prices. Please beware.


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