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For information about the Guthrie Govan pick please follow this link.

August 28, 2014 Red Bear Trading has a new shopping cart system. If you have an account with us, it is still intact as are all your orders. To see the new shopping cart, please follow the "Shopping" link at the top of every page on the site.

We are now offering our Bear Claw thumb pick in MEDIUM GAUGE. Up till now, they have all been heavy gauge. We're also offering a redesigned version of our Original Material Thumb Pick. Gauges are medium and heavy and sizes are medium and large. Left-hand available by request. See the "Thumb Picks" link at the top of each page on this site.
. . . All of the Red Bear picks were very, very, impressive with both acoustic and electric guitars . . .
. . . in terms of which come closest to feeling, sounding, and responding like genuine turtle shell picks, the Red Bears have the edge . . .
Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player Magazine

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Turtle Shell Red Bear Trading has been making fine hand-crafted guitar picks since 2003.

Our picks have become world-renowned for the feel, tone and performance they offer. Play faster and more accurately than with any other guitar pick.

Our Red Bear Original line of flat picks provide smooth string attack and release - literally gliding off the strings without effort.

Traditional Bluegrass pickers, Jazz and Gypsy Jazz players, Blues players, Country Style Chicken-Pickers, Weekend Strummers, Rockers and New-Age Shredders agree, our picks are there, creating the best tone available.

Our picks are simply the best guitar picks available today.

Rusty Turquoise Red Bear Originals
Play the pick that other pick makers use as a comparison and DO NOT be fooled by the imitators. Red Bear Original Picks are THE CLOSEST to REAL TURTLE SHELL you can get - PERIOD. And the best part is that no turtles are killed to make our picks.

Our Original material is a polymerized animal protein (note: no animals are harmed in any way) that has many of the same physical properties as real turtle shell which makes it ideal for guitar picks. You could look at it as cultured turtle-shell. Many people who have tried picks made from this material cannot tell them apart from the real thing. Red Bear Trading Company is the sole manufacturer of these picks.


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